Katerina Fedosova began her love affair with dance and fashion at a very young age.  Growing up as an elite dancer and competing on dance stages all over the world, Katerina realized she could not find dance wear let alone couture fashion that would provide the right freedom of movement and beauty let alone represent her aesthetic and highlight her moves on the stage of life.

It was this revelation that caused her to begin designing and hand sewing the many couture fashion pieces that she now effortlessly dances in and wears on numerous nationally and internationally syndicated television shows including The Today Show, Dancing with The Stars, and The World of Dance.

Now Katerina is offering the opportunity for others to wear the fashion she creates that will enable you to feel as whimsical as a dance move and glamorous like the feeling of walking on stage or down a red carpet to share your style and soul with the audience of your life. 

The Couture Freedom collection was born out of the belief that the world is a stage, as William Shakespeare said.  Couture fashion of the past was rigid and stiff, but with Katerina's modern couture you can effortlessly move every day in beautiful fashionable clothing that is affordable and wearable for the stage of your life.